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    Audio loses sync with video on HD footage (CS5.5). 'MPEG decode error'

    Shaun Phillips Level 1

      HI All,


           I'm trying to cut this vox pops video together but the audio seems to lose sync. i noticed that there was a red circle in the bottom right of the screen with a cross in the centre. After clicking on it, i was greeted with this message...

      screen grab.jpg


      I have a fairly powerfull machine so I'm unsure as to what the problem is. Any suggestions as it's making this task virtually impossible!!!


      machine specs...





      Please, any help appreciated!!!

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          SpareWheel Level 2

          Had this occasionally myself.


          For me it was drop-out on the tape (at the very start of some sections luckily), even though CS5.5 did not register any drops when capturing.


          If you're not using tape then you've got a card error. Checkout the video at or about Frame 32106. Check out the source material. Although Windows 7 Media Player is likely to show no errors and with your audio in sync - very mis-leading - a false positive.


          Fix for me was to simply re-sync audio/video manually but upstream of the error. If not, you will likely find you will also get export errors when trying to export via AME.