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    Exporting .mov file from CS5.5 Premier Pro for playing through QuickTime Player

    Quitzow 1

      Dear All,


      I would most appreciate any assistance on a problem that I am experiencing with a current project.


      I have a HD1080i50 project which I have completed editing. The work consists of two video tracks on top of a black video track that presents two identically sized images side by side that run con-currently. To achieve this presentation I have solely reduced the scale of the clips to 44% and then positioned them side by side. After rendering, within Premier, the playback is exactly as I want it and the imagery is sharp and clear. The problems occur when I either try to export the project as a mov. file (to play using Quicktime), or when I export to Encore and produce a DVD. In both cases, the audio is fine but the imagery is slightly blurred.


      In the first instance, would someone be kind enough to recommend the optimum export codecs to creat a .mov file for playing through QuickTime?


      To date, with earlier projects, I have not experienced this problem. I am obviously doing something wrong in the export settings process and would appreciate it greatly if anyone can advise. Should more info on the project be required to respond, I am happy to provide it.


      With thanks in advance.