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    Framework of Choice

    Yue_Hong Level 1



      Among these frameworks (Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, Swiz), which one is the choice of yours? Why do you choose it? Thanks.

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          Amy Blankenship Level 4

          Robotlegs is the best Framework I've used.  It is light weight, and it imposes just enough structure to keep everyone moving in the same direction.  Also, the people writing and maintaining it are mazingly knowledgeable and helpful, which is important unless you think you'll never have a question.


          Of the ones you listed, though, I'd say Swiz is the best technically (it should perform well), but Mate has a better community.


          I would put PureMVC well down on the list, as it depends on global state (bad practice), and older versions of Cairngorm have the same problem.  Cairngorm 3 is built on Parsley, so it's got the advantage of not being outdated.  But people who have used it say it is overly complicated compared to Robotlegs.





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            UbuntuPenguin Level 4

            Personally I have used Mate.  Most of the common Flex frameworks Mate , Swiz, Parsley are DI frameworks.  The other main framework I know of is RobotLegs and the difference is that it is more MVC oriented.   In any case, the DI frameworks seem to work the same.


            Leave the Cairngorm and PureMVC alone the only benefit I see to Cairngorm is if you own a vulture farm, and the only benefit to PureMVC I see is if you have a large project with less than stellar programmer discipline and want to ensure a coding standard at all cost.

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              flexy8 Level 1

              Thanks for this survey. I'm in need of light also as to which frameworks to use.

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                kokorito Level 4

                this might be useful

                http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2010-develop/flexactionscript-30-architecture-and-dependency -injection-frameworks-overview/


                he looks at Mate, Parsley, Sping, robotlegs and Swiz


                I downloaded swiz after watching it and I love it

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                  Ansury Level 3

                  When I use any at all (often it's just not needed and turns out be needless complexity/dependencies), I use Swiz.  Not only is it lightweight and simple (no real boilerplate like pretty much all the others...) but you can basically pick and choose the parts you want to use. 


                  I don't care for the metatag event pattern (makes it hard to figure out what code is triggering what code & subverts Flash Builder's "Right Click->References" search feature), but the [Inject] tag can reduce some boilerplate and the Controller service class is nice.  If you aren't sure, Swiz is one of the safest to try out first because it's (approximately) the least invasive and controlling.

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                    Amy Blankenship Level 4

                    On the flip side, it provides a lot less guidance than Mate or Robotlegs, so if you don't understand the mechanics of how to use a Framework well, it won't provide as much help.

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                      drkstr_1 Level 4

                      What is the lightest weight framework anyone has used?


                      I use Swiz mostly, but it doubled my memory footprint in a mobile application, so I had to give it up for a not-so-great home brewed solution using a lot of Main state.


                      What frameworks out there are super light weight?




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                        flexy8 Level 1

                        Well, after reading this survey last week, I've decided to use Robotlegs. It was my first time actually to use Robotlegs and I get the hang of it already. I tried Swiz at first but seems to me not that lightweight than Robotlegs and you can work faster with your project with Robotlegs.


                        This video helped me in understanding the basics of the Robotlegs framework. Might as well others here will need this: