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    Recurring ID4-5 Importing Word doc problem with styles

    fiddles5 Level 1

      Hello -- I am a fairly experienced InDesign user, and I get Word docs from various sources -- some better than others.  When I know I'll be getting a Word document, and I have a chance to talk to the source before they send it to me, I help them set up style sheets in Word to match the styles I want to map to when imported into InDesign. Sometimes this works really well. Other times, the styles come in from Word, mapped to my preset InDesign styles, and there are plus marks next to all of the style names in InDesign.  I have already instructed the client to turn off all of Word's automatic nonsense, and not to use any manual overrides except for italic and bold.  But even when I click my cursor inside paragraphs without any italic and bold, a plus mark appears in the Paragraph Styles box in InDesign. There are no character styles used. This means that I have to go through and reapply the style to each paragraph get rid of the plus marks, with no visible change to the paragraph apparent after doing this.  These can be very long documents -- 80,000 to 100,000 words, so you can imagine it gets really tedious. I want to keep the italic and bold, so that I don't have to reapply it.


      What I'll try next is just importing the styles used in Word without mapping or creating a style sheet in InDesign ahead of time, and then just modify the styles in InDesign and hope I don't get those plus marks.


      Has this happened to anyone else, and what have you done to fix it?