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    Camstudio clips: Some work, some don't, what is the difference?


      I've got multiple Camstudio clips. All of them playback smoothly in Windows Media Player. One plays back and exports smoothly from Premiere, others do not - they are choppy. I've looked over previous threads on this topic, but I pose the question because I can't figure out what the difference is between the smooth and choppy clips.


      Here are two screenshots showing the properties of the clips: Data 1 and Data 2


      The top left clip is the smooth one, the other three are other clips that are not. The obvious difference is the data rate - but I swear I used the same recording settings in Camstudio: Quality 100, Key frame  every 1, Capture Frames every 33 milliseconds, Playback Rate 30 FPS. Those settings I took from here and they are the first settings I found that made Camstudio footage smooth in Premiere. The top left clip certainly was recorded on those settings.


      I also just did another test recording on those settings and it plays back smoothly in Premiere.


      Does the data from the footage suggest that the other clips were recording on different settings? Or, any ideas why they are different and not acceptable to Premiere?