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    Export progress bar shows, but no SWF appears


      Hello all,


      i've been through tech support and about 100 different sites with this issue but nothing seems to help. I'm using windows Vista 64 bit (work machine, not personal) with Adobe CS5 production premium. I have this training I created in flash and it used to export just fine. I was able to test and everything, but lately, it stopped doing that. I hit CTRL+enter, and it won't give me a SWF file. I hit debug it says it can't find the swf. I looked in the folder where everything is for the training, and sure enough, there is no SWF file there. I tried hitting CTRL + enter and watching the folder. The SWF file appears while the export progress bar is going, but the second the bar is done, the file vanishes. For a while, if I went into File and hit Export Movie, it worked, but even that's stopped working. Can anyone help me figure this out?


      FYI - I put the file on my Mac and it works fine there. I can export, make changes, debug, anything I like. It's just on my windows work machine.