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    measureHeightOfItems in DataGrid

    Kumar Pratik



      I am using following lines of code to display the height of datagrid:

      DataGrid.height = msgGrid.measureHeightOfItems(0,DataGridCount) + DataGrid.headerHeight;


      In my application as soon as i login i have 3 tabs and in each i have a datagrid. Now when i login the height of datagrid is very small and i cant see any row but if i switch to other tab and come back to this tab, datagrid appears beautifully..

      I even tried to debug and i found that first time when i login

      DataGrid.height gives value which is equal to  DataGrid.headerHeight which means  msgGrid.measureHeightOfItems(0,DataGridCount) is returning 0; however my datagrid count is cmoning correctly... Once i switch to other tab and then came back to this tab evrything is fine..


      Please let me know where I am doing wrong.