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    Indesign CS4 in Mac 10.6.8, sometimes won't show files, sometimes won't show tools

    so whats available? Level 1

      Indesign CS4 in Mac 10.6.8, sometimes won't show files, sometimes won't show tools. Like I click to open a file from the finder, and Indesign makes that temporary file in the finder, but won't display the pages. At other times I can have the pages displayed but I can't open the tools such as the colour swatches or the paragraphy styles. This all happens at random, although I suspect it is more likely to happen if I have been working in some other program such as Typestyler or Aperture, and come back to Indesign. Kind of like Indesign gets snooty at me working in another program.


      I've done the thing of dicing the preferences, but so far the only workaround that has worked so far is quitting and restarting the program. I don't remember this happening so much until recently, in other words the problem seems to be getting more frequent.


      But I am wondering if this has happened with anyone else and if there are any other suggestions for avoiding it.


      Back in the good old days you would reinstall PageMaker and that would settle things for a while. But now I don't know if a program like Indesign CS4 actually gets corrupted and if it does I don't know what to do. Does the program get corrupted? And should you reinstall a fresh copy? If it's a good idea to reinstall the program how do you do that? Is it possible to download a fresh copy? And if I do, what happens when the fresh copy phones home? I've tangled with the Adobe Microsoft corporation before when Indesign phoned home and got a crossed line.