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    Flash Pro CS5.5 and Flash 11/Air 3


      Hey guys. First time posting here.


      I recently read up on some news about Flash player 11 / Air 3 update coming soon and that Adobe is bringing full hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to both Flash and Air. Which sounds awesome . Buuut.. Here's the thing. Will these features be updated into CS5.5? as well as be available for CS6 (I'm just assuming it's coinciding with the release, I may be wrong). I've only just hopped on the CS bandwagon and bought my student liscence for CS5.5 and I really hope I don't regret not waiting for CS6 to buy instead.


      For all who have been using Flash Pro for a while now, how has it been for previous software updates? Did Air become available to those who had earlier versions of Flash Pro when they released a new version?


      Let me know