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    How do you autorun a Flash Projector (Windows) from a USB drive?

    john_konecny Level 1

      I got a Windows Flash Projector (.exe) that I need to autorun from a USB drive. I just want the user to be able to plug in the USB drive to their machine and have it start running without any menus. I've been using the following with no luck:





      The project is composed of a number of .swf files that load into the "KSF_USB_main.swf" file. There are also PDF and FLV links within some of the movies.


      I have the "autorun.inf" file and all other files (including the .exe Projector file) on the USB drive. When I plug it in to a PC it brings up the "What Do You Want To Do?" window and doesn't autorun.


      I've tried some 3rd party software that creates a menu file with no luck.


      Any suggestions?