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    copying pdf files


      I have a subscription to a local newspaper.  I have downloaded the pdf version.  I wanted to put specific pages on my kobo using the Adobe Digital Edition.

      It can see the pdf's but when I drag them into the ade it changes their name to pages.pdf and under the title it says proc.  It changes all of the pages name

      to that.  When I try to download another page to my ereader I get a Copying Documents box that says:

      An item with the title:


      Already exists at this location.  What would you like to do?

      Skip File

      Duplicate File

      Replace File

        Do this for all remaining files

                      then I have a choice of ok or cancel.

      How can I get more than one page onto my ereader?  Any suggestions are appreciated.


      Deb Alcorn

      St. Louis, MO