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    Robohelp 9 Corrupt CPD When Moving Files


      Hello all,


      I made a brand new file in Robohelp 9. I made it locally and moved the entire folder to the fileshare. When I tried to open it from the fileshare, I got the error that the file was corrupt and to delete the CPD file. I delete the CPD file and that fixes the issue. However, whenever we move it from the fileshare to our local drive or back again, the file gets corrupted again. Every time.

      This happens to me and to other folks on my team. We had the same issue with another file a few weeks ago.


      Is there some trick to moving the folder that I'm missing? We are on the cusp of building a much bigger project so I can't afford to lose my project to a corrupt file.


      I made a folder called ProjectSourceFiles and put the robohelp files all inside that one folder. We are moving the big folder.