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    Import DVD .VOB's

    texmant123 Level 1

      I have some DVD's that I have burned in the past.  But I want to edit them now.  I coppied the files to my hdd and imported them into Premiere Pro.  I looked and see that .vob files ARE supported by PrPro, but when I place them into the timeline, they only play 8 seconds of the clip.  And even those 8 seconds are distorted and choppy.


      File name video 1_1

      size 1GB

      duration 45 minutes

      PrPro duration 8 sec


      I imported this video into a cheap $70 Magix movie program and all .vob files imported correctly and with their full length and quality.  I'd like to edit them in PrPro without having to take the time for Magix to export them.  I might as well go to my origional VHS masters and dub them if I wanted to take that much time.  But I was hoping to do fast editing once my videos were on DVD.


      Any help?