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    Refreshing Templates

    allie Level 1

      I'm using Dreamweaver templates (DW8 and Cont. 3) to administer a website. The client requested two new navigation items so I added them to the templates and uploaded them and the associated images. When I go to make a new page it gives me the correct templates because I refreshed them in the new page dialog box. How do I refresh the templates for existing pages?

      I can not do it in Dreamweaver because I we have been administering it for so long with Contribute that DW is basically only used to change the templates. I also have several (like 25) pages that need to be uploaded and do not currently exist on the site, so I can't just download the existing site and re-upload.

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          allie Level 1
          I found this from another post:
          "DW templates are DW run-time tools only. This means that they have no
          function on the server.

          It's a tedious process, but you must be
          systematic -

          * have the client up-synch all files
          * down-synch your local site
          * make template changes and let them propagate
          * up-synch
          * notify client that it's safe to work on the site again

          Wish it were easier myself...."


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            arfore Level 1
            I found this out as well. Fortunately in my case we had just started our deployment, so I was able to alter our master templates so that the navigation that was not to be touch by our content creators was referencing a server side include instead of just using raw HTML.

            At least this way we can change those elements and the changes are reflected immediately on all the pages on the site.

            I agree completely that this is a virtually useless implementation of the templates. The only part of the DW templates that are really useful is the fact that Contribute obeys the editable regions. Without having any realtime connection to the pages based on them, they are not really worth much outside of that.