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    importing sd video from hxr-nx5 problems


      this camera record avchd and regular sd format i ready record in sd 720x480 60i fromat but when want to edit on premier  cs5 the only preset tha matches this format is dv-ntsd format but this format does no work well the image is blurry

      and i dont see any preset sequense to mpeg-2 sd 720x480 60i


      the question is what present can i use to edit and transfer to a regular dvd no to BRD.


      please help me from sony camera nx5 to sd 720x480 60i to edit on premier  cs5 to past to encore cs5 to make a dvd that is my goal thank you!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Don't worry so much about a specific MPEG2 SD editing preset--what's more important is the actual parameters.


          The simple way to make sure you're matching your footage to a sequence is to drag a clip to the New Item button at the bottom of the Project Panel--that's the one that looks like a dog-earred sheet of paper. This will create a sequence that matches your footage. Next, make sure that your Paused and Playback Resolution are set to Full; right-click in the Program Monitor to set these. Since you're working with an interlaced format, you may want to experiment with the field order display options in the Program Monitor, as well.


          Try those, and report back--bottom line is that what you're seeing is in Premiere Pro's display only, and shouldn't be carried through on export (assuming your sequence is properly set up).