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    Process not sending encrypted pdf in email to my inbox

    Subba560 Level 1



      below are the steps which i created in process


      I have a process where i am doing the following steps

      step1:  I am generating random generated string  and the assigning to variable (eg: passwordtxt).

      step2:  manually I am setting my email in setvalue( eg userEmail: example@something.com).

      step3:  i am passing the password to the variable    like (/process_data/passwordEncryptOptionSpecObject/object/@documentOpenPassword  == passwordtxt)

      step4:  used Encrypt PDF component and i ahve given the pdf as input and given send the documentOpenPassword as input to the component and output i have taken as document( docoutput)

      step5:  taken Send With Document email component and given all the inputs required in attachements i ahve given docoutput variable



      i am not getting th encrypted pdf to my email,   if i remove attachment in email component then i receive email working fine and

      If i give pdf with out encryption i am getting pdf as attachment.



      Note: if i remove Encrypt PDF component and just send the already encryted pdf i am recieving mail.


      but i ahve to do the Encrypt in process and send the mail to inbox.




      Please help me if i am doing worng or any steps i need to do in between step4 and step5: to get attachment.



      Thanks in advance