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    Publishing Cap5 swf file- audio/skin glitch?


      This problem started with, what I thought, was an audio problem, but may not be afterall.  When I published my Captivate 5 file as a swf, no audio would play from the published file.  So checking the audio forum, I tried the technique of deleting the audio file, and rather than inserting, I rerecorded the audio to each of the slides using SoundBooth.  When I republished the file, I had the audio back in all but one slide, the first one.  When I watch the playback slider, I notice that rather than moving along smoothly, it jumps to the timing where slide 2 starts, then it continues along smoothly (also playing the audio).  So I hit rewind to start again, thinking it just hadn't all loaded, but it did the same thing again.  Also I notice that the none of the buttons (pause, forward, back, etc) work during that first slide, but resume working when it hits slide 2 and everything else runs smoothly again.  It's almost as if it is only converting the timing, but nothing else from that slide.  Any help?