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    Creating a hyperlink for a subtopic within a topic.

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      I hope that this question does not confuse anyone but here it is! I have created a topic in Robohelp 8 with various sub-topics that describe the topic.

      My desire is to create hyperlinks for the sub-topics after the intro to the sub-topics listed under the Topic.  This would eliminate the user from having to scoll down the topic page to find the applicable sub-topics to review. 

      Does anyone know how to do this, Robohelp only shows hyperlinks to web addresses, email, FTP, and files? 


      For example: I would like to show the below sub-topics with hyperlinks to the sub-topics under the topic (Using Search).

      Using Advanced Search 

      Using Exact Search

      Additional Search Methods



      Using Search

      Using Advanced Search

      Using Exact Search

      Additional Search Methods.