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    PDF's not loading in browser - Internet Explorer 9, Adobe Reader X, Win 7 x64


      I have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed and have a site that uses forms that need to be filled and submitted.  The problem is that when I open the form, they are opening in a seperate Window.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader

      I've done 'detect' and repair several times.

      I have checked and unchecked "Display PDF in browser" under EDIT -> PREFERENCES -> Internet


      What I CAN tell is that when I go into Internet Explorer and look at the addons I do NOT see any of the acrobat add-ons that I see on my other computers (that work).


      I've looked in the program files/common files/adobe/acrobat/active x folder and all the files are there but I don't see a way to make Internet Explorer force loading those or getting them in there manually.


      Any help would be appreciated, I'm at my wits end!