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    Has anybody tested the import and linking enhancements in RH 9 HTML?

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      I am testing a trial version of RH 9. All looks good except I’m not understanding some of the import and linking enhancements. Has anyone tried the new relative path benefit by moving a project or source document? I’ve done both and I get the same results as in RH 8—if the project moves, the links work fine, and when the source document moves, you have to use the “restore to link” feature in order to update the link document. Am I missing something?


      Here’s the “what’s new in RH 9” lingo:


      RoboHelp 9 saves the relative path, instead of the absolute path, of linked documents. As a result, the links work even when the RoboHelp project and the linked Microsoft Word or FrameMaker documents are moved.

      Note: Earlier versions of RoboHelp projects that contain absolute paths of linked documents open normally in RoboHelp 9. While saving these projects, RoboHelp 9 saves the relative path