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    Any RH 9 HTML Link to Word users out there?

    RightOar Level 1

      Sorry to throw another one other here, but I'm currently testing a trial version of RH9 and I'm struggling with the new linking enhancements.


      Here's the "what's new in RH9" lingo:


      While importing or linking a document, you can modify the character and paragraph styles defined in the document. In the case of linked documents, style properties modified from within Microsoft Word or FrameMaker and modified from within RoboHelp can now co-exist. In other words, you can modify the style properties that you want to override in RoboHelp and allow other style properties to be modified in Microsoft Word or FrameMaker. 

      RoboHelp 9 maintains two styles sheets to manage the styles of a linked document. A [topic].css file stores the styles defined in the source document. The global CSS file, by default named RHStyleMapping.css, stores the details of modifications and mapped RoboHelp styles.

      RoboHelp stores each modified style with the style name WD_[original_style_name] (in the case of Microsoft Word) or FM_[original_style_name] (in the case of FrameMaker) in RHStyleMapping.css.

      Note: RoboHelp hides the [topic].css files from the workspace to ensure that source styles are preserved in this file.


      Can anyone provide a few steps so I could test this out? Or else explain the benefit of this if all of my styles and formatting will be done in Word?


      I appreciate it!