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    Looking for Table Xtra


      I'm attempting to revive an old Director project that requires the Table Xtra.  I found the printomatic.com site that supposedly has it, but it is unresponsive.  Does anyone know where else I can find it?


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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          It's gone - you're not going to find it, or anything like it, elsewhere. You'll need to find an alternative, like a Lingo-based HTML table in a #text member.

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            Wolfgang Herold Level 2

            maybe you can use the free StringGrid xtra by cxtra.

            look at www.cxtra.net.



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              Adam-C Level 2

              I don't know what features the old Table Xtra had so this may not meet your requirements, but if you create a Flash SWF (AS2 or AS3) that contains a Flash Data Grid component and import this into Director you'll have the ability to build, manipulate and control tables to your heart's content. You'll have to design and build some sort of interface to handle communications between Director and the Flash object, but with a bit of effort you may be able to make the embedded Flash table sprite respond to all of the old Table Xtra commands, thereby minimising the pain of reviving your old project.


              For example, if this were my project, I would create functions within the Flash SWF that had the same names as the Table Xtra methods, and that performed the same tasks as the Table Xtra methods. I would then edit my Director app so that the old Table Xtra method calls would instead be directed at the Flash table sprite.


              Hope that helps

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                mvalentiner Level 1

                Thanks all for your responses.

                I'm not sure what the features of Table Xtra were or my project's dependencies on it, but this should give me something start with.