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    Data Services Project Setup

      I am using the plugin for eclipse.

      In setting up a data services project that compiles the code on the server I see that I need to precreate a directory structure that contains the Root floder with a WEB-INF subfolder and a flex subfolder in the WEB-INF folder.

      In addition, the flex folder needs to contain a 'flex-config.xml' file.

      If these conditions are not set then the new project wizard does not enable the next button to allow me to complete the setup.

      Once the wizard completes then I can see it creates a flex/lib, flex/classes and some other basic folders.

      Am I doing something wrong or is the the way it is done?
      Do I need to create the basic folder structures and create the flex-config.xml file by hand before I create any new data services project or Is this wizard suppose to create the folders during the setup process?