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    AE CS5.5 Mac : l-o-n-g Stabilization Problem

    Lee Faulkner Level 1



      I've been playing with the new Stabilization Module ... very nice so far.


      However I was presented with a 93 minute movie shot in a single continuous shot. No hidden cuts or tricks. It's very steady actually, just a few jiggles here and there which the new Stabilzer can deal with nicely in small sections. I attempted to stailize just the required regions, but making the transition from stabilized to non stabilzized was very hard due to the changes AE makes (especially if I enter SubSpace Warp... love saying that!!!)


      So I attempetd to apply the effect to the whole movie. 


      I gave AE all the RAM I could ( 7 GIG ), set the all caches to an external drive (2TB and empty)  and put the original Movie ( 85GIG) on another external drive. I started the Stabilization process and left it.


      Some 2.5 days later the analysis completed. Unforunately the process crashes during the actual Stabilization with the message that the "StartUp Drive Has Run Out of Space"  THe Force Quit dialog box then opens.


      At this point the StartUp drive still reports  650 GB of space remaining...


      I'm not sure if space is really the issue ... but has anyone any experience with such a task?


      The Stabilizer doesn't have any keyframe control so I can't really 'fade' the effect in and out in the plug in...


      Your input is greatly appreciated as always.





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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Split your layer at the segments that you want to stabilize, stabilize the split segments only (not the whole darn thing ), then cut back or fade back to your unaltered footage. BTW, this would probably be a better task done via dynamic link with Premiere...

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            Lee Faulkner Level 1

            Yes, splitting it is what I initially did... but the transitions weren't really very good, even with some fancy scaling, rotating .. etc.  The effect also gave a really nice floating feeling to the bits which weren't shaky, so why not effect the whole thing?


            And if I'm going to do the whole thing, why not just do the whole thing?  That way any fiddling with the scale, or Stabilization method will be consistent alcross the whole project.


            So my question was wether I've exceeded some known threshold in AE (like the  30,000 x 30,000 pixel limit that used to exist... maybe still does?) that prevents this from successfully finishing? 


            Sure, I'll try breaking things down and applying the same settings to each section in the hopes the analysis will be the same across section breaks...  but one analysis is better than 10 I say!





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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Is there nowhere in the 93 minute movie that you can make a cut. Here's what I'd do. I'd make a comp that was a little bigger than the footage, say 100 pixels. Then I'd stabilize the section that I want to fix choosing Stabilize Only. Then I'd lay that section over the original overlapping the matching first or last frame. The stabilized footage could then be re-positioned over the original footage accurately by temporarily setting the blend mode to difference. Position keyframes for the stabilized footage could be set for first and last frames to match the in and out points. You could then drop your oversized comp in a standard sized comp and animate the scale as needed to hide the edges that move into frame when the footage is stabilized.


              I wouldn't even consider stabilizing the entire movie that was an hour and a half long. If you really want to stabilize the whole thing then overlap the stabilized sections by two or three seconds, or even 10 seconds. If the settings are identical you should find frames that match.


              The difference mode would also be handy here to find the perfect cut point. When the frame is completely black, cut.


              Hope this helps.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                You might be hitting some internal limit for simple mathematical reasons. Could be anything from mundane memory exhaustion to some 16bit integer math exceeding the available range of a counting loop or whatever. Not per se a bug, just an inconvenience and more general limitation, but what you are trying to do no doubt could be considered slightly mad... I wouldn't necessarily fiddle with pre-composing like Rick suggested. Adding a border would affect the result of the analysis since it shifts the edge pinning around and it may be more trouble to compensate for that. Instead chop it up into suitable chunks. I wouldn't worry about just extracting the affected regions, either. just let it run in dumb mode on pieces it can swallow, then render it out. Re-import the whole thing and then start editing. Matching frames shoould not be too difficult and, that's the secret ingredient here, differences can be compensated for by using warp transitions with tools like CC Warpomatic, a bit of mesh warp here and there, the occasional other dispalcment effect. Also do not forget that a second pass using Timewarp, RevisionFX' Twixtor and RSMB and possibly otehr tools could introduce additional blending/ smoothing/ fake motion blur that would in many cases disguise the transitions between corrected areas...



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                  Navarro Parker Level 3

                  Do you really need to use Warp Stabilizer? Or would this be better suited for Mocha stabilization, or Final Cut/Motion's SmoothCam?


                  In the case of Mocha stabilization, it's the only way I know of to transition in and out of smoothed segments by animating the smooth() expression.


                  I was having a similar issue over at this thread:


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                    Lee Faulkner Level 1

                    Thanks for the all the tips ....


                    Yeah it's bit mad trying to process the whole movie, but if that's the deired result why not? (Other than the fact that it don't work! LOL But now we all know...)  If it did work I'd have been done and out by now.


                    I'll proceed per Mylenium's notion ... feels about right.





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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Just so you'll know I just tried the cut stabilize only, then match position. It worked with Warp Stabilizer was set to Stab Only. Only a coulple of keyframes were required and a little scaling to hide the edges. The shot that I tried was fairly smooth already.