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    Trouble getting my interactive slideshow to autoplay after it is exported


      Hi,  I am new to indesign.  I have read most of the other threads that deal with interactive slideshows, and did not find the solution to this problem.  I have successfully created a slideshow with forward and back buttons and exported it as a .swf that functions.  However, I want to make my slideshow autoplay.  I attempted this using the overlay creator.  In preview for the overlay creator, it is working, and showing that it autoplays and goes through all the slides, BUT my arrow buttons are not functioning.  On the other hand, in preview for the MSO, my arrow buttons function to scroll through the slides BUT it doesn't autoplay!  I tried exporting as .swf but neither file has both autoplay and the buttons functioning together.  Is this possible to do?  If so, what am I doing wrong?!  Any help is greatly appreciated.