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    Flash Player Does Not Work in IE9 but does work in Firefox and Chrome




      I just installed Flash the latest version of Flash player on IE9 and Firefox, 09/21/2011. both installed successfully. 


      Ever since IE9 became available i hesitated to install it, using IE8 with no problems on Flash player.


      And after a month i decided to  install IE 9.


      Then my problems began. Flash player which had worked just fine in IE8 was not working on many websites streaming video in the new IE9. Ughh..........


      Anyway my computer o/s is windows7 ultimate 64 bit  [using 32 bit browsers only]




      i noticed your other post on this subject and checked the shockwave plug-in  [it was enabled].

      i checked the Active X filter setting  [it was NOT enabled].




      Heres an example,  i can access this the streaming video on this site in Firefox but when i go to IE9 i get the following error on the flash player screen

      " server reject-  (_defaultroot_._defaultVhost_) Application (rtplive) is not defined".      

      here is the link http://www.wezatv.com/dootv/channel_3_3.php   it is a thai website that streams television from Thailand.


      Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.