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    Out with the 7k3000, in with the RE4

    Frédéric Segard Level 2

      Well, I had bad news today. It's confirmed! I can't get the Hitachi 7k3000 drives I wanted. It was the last thing needed to complete my order. I looked at the (still available) supported drives for the Areca 1880ix-16, and considered the Seagate Constellation drives and the Western Digital RE4 drives. Since capacity is not as important at drive quantity for speed, I ended up choosing the WD RE4 500Gb 46MB cache model. I needed to keep costs at about the same price as the Hitachi 1.5TB. Granted, I'll have 3 times less space.... but then.... I'll have 12 disks!  So not a real issue for space anyway.


      Anyone has RE4 with an Areca? How's reliability and performance?