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    Merge and Combine PDF files in a numerical order




      I'm using Adobe Acrobat to create a photo LookBook or an eBook. I'm importing and merging straight from .JPEG's and Acrobat work's great. The JPEG's are sorted by capture date, renamed and numbered as such: "10_File.Name.jpg". However, once I attempt to merge over 100 files I noticed that the numerical order of the file names is wrong. You'll notice in the example below that when viewed by name, the three digit numbers begin after 10. Well, in this example it's twelve. This affects to page order of the combined .PDF file. How can I maintain consistent name order to avoid assembling the finished ebook by implementing two workflow steps. Meaning the first step to combine the double digit numbers, then the second step to combine the three digit numbers. What can I do to resolve this issue?


      Greatly appreciated!