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    Static captions: line spacing

    ernesto18 Level 1

      When I write a description of a photo in Bridge, and then I put that description as a Static Caption (have not tried it with a Live caption), it appears in a text frame under the photo in the Indesign document, as expected. But the last line of the text of the caption has more spacing between it and the line above, than the rest of the lines in the paragraph (this in the Indesign document). That happens if I finished the caption in Bridge with a full stop. But if in Bridge I add a carriage return at the end of the paragraph of the caption (in effect creating a new empty line), the spacing between lines in the text frame in the Indesign document is all the same, as I want it.

      Is this the expected behaviour? I am using CS5 in an iMac.

      I hope I have been clear...

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds like at some point the text was selected and the leading changed, but you missed the paragraph mark at the end of the paragraph. Triple click to select the entire paragraph and set a single leading value and the problem most likely will disappear.

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            ernesto18 Level 1

            Perhaps I should give more information. I have the text of the captions in a .doc (not docx) file. I copy the caption, and I paste into the "description" field in the metadata section in Bridge. And then I use the "Captions" facility in Indesign. Before they went into Indesign, they had whatever leading it had in the word document. And from then on, it wasn't changed (by me...). It is only the last line that has the different leading. As I said in my message, adding a carriage return to the Description, in Bridge, solves the problem.


            I had added the caption to about 300 photos, when I noticed this. I am not very creative, but I think that I can do better than go back to each of the 300 photos to add a carriage return to each description, as I had to do!


            Many thanks for the answer.