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    Broken Distiller / More Adobe BS


      I posted this comment at the bottom of a Bonjour thread and am moving here.

      They have made Reader a liitle less viral, but it is still a real pain as a plugin and often times it just hangs for no reason.

      And this new (arm/air?) plugin used for the cool image display that google used to ruin their product...and crash browsers...

      I just KNOW it is more adobe moronism...

      Sure hope google listens and maybe MOZ will ban adobe for being so clueless!!!!


      So adobe finally wised up and fixed it.

      However in doing so they break distiller...

      part 2

      As if Reader does not need enough updates.

      Now in order to prevent firefox from crashing on pdfs I guess we are required to install X.

      So you download the latest version from adobe which now seems to REQUIRE air.

      Hate that because air/google/firefox crashes every 10 minutes.

      Still wish firefox would just ban adobes plugins.

      Then after win7 restarts yet another reader update (after latest version was d/l and installed abd verify with the adobe cutesy flash movie) install it and of course breaks pdf viewing in firefox and requires windows to restart!

      Isn't this supposed to be a PORTABLE doc viewer? Yet requires update every 10 minutes and restart windows. It is worse than any m$ SP. Maybe time to swich to M# doc viewer?

      I am guessing that the viscous circle is because rX is not compatible with Acrobat8, so 10 undows the 8 update and 8 undoes the 10 update.

      I guess until adobe wisens up again I will have no choice but to turn off auto updates for adobe.

      Which is bad because we all know reader is so flaky it REQUIRES an update every 10 minutes and restart windows or the world will end! ;-)


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