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    Better work flow for titles in Arabic?


      Hi, I've been using CS4 and Final Cut Studio. I put up with the FCP titler because it handles Arabic in the titler without problems (apart from occasional kerning issues). With the FCPX debacle, there's no current upgrade path on that side, so I'm looking to continue on the Adobe side and go for CS5.5. My current Adobe platform is Win 7 64bit it i7 and 12GB RAM, which I use mostly for AE. But...


      The work flow for CS4, and apparently for CS5.5 is this:

      Go to Photoshop, open a special file that was downloaded from Thomas Phinney's site to access Adobe's "World Ready Composer" which is normally hidden because Adobe hasn't actually completely debugged it, type the Arabic, save to PSD and import into PP.

      The reason is that PP doesn't handle "Complex Text Layout" (C.T.L.) and Photoshop only does when using Thomas Phinney's file.  I can't even find a single plug-in that does either.  Does anyone know a quicker way of doing things than this? Doing one is OK. Doing 100s is not.


      Hey Adobe, there are a lot of editors using FCP because of the Arabic capability. Now that many are looking for an alternative, expecially at CS5, how about getting the PP titler to handle C.T.L.? You should get lots of new clients if you do.  You shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel, even Notepad can do it!