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    i Can't Write in Database with firmware 4.3.5 ?




      I have an Iphone with 4.3.5, and in my app, i write on Database, but with this Iphone dosrn't write.

      i have another iphone with 4.1, and i write on Databse without problems... the code is the Same!


      if i Debug the iphone with 4.3.5, with app.debug, i have the trace with this error:



      3122Attempt to write a readonly database.


      and i read:


      Indicates that an operation could not be completed because the database is read only. This can occur if the database file is designated as read only in the operating system, if the database is opened in read-only mode, or if an older version of Adobe AIR accesses a database file created with a newer version of the runtime.




      Please Help Me

      Thank You!