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    CS5 - problem with motion tween..HELP!!


      Experts out there, please help.



      I have migrated from Flash CS3 to Flash CS5. Unlike in CS3, in CS5 when i use motion tween i am unable to use multiple 'ease in' and 'ease outs' in a single tween span. The tween span has to be divided by the 'split motion' command at 'properties keyframes' into smaller tween spans to further apply ease in/out to each one of them. This is not the case with CS3, you just select one keyframe after another and apply the ease in/out command, no divisions required.
      Lets say i want control the accelaration and deccelaration of a bouncing ball without breaking the tween span. How do I do it in CS5 without wasting all the sweat?



      Please guys i really need this


      I'll be greatful