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    flex mobile project: web root and root path for a remote web service?


      Hi all,

      i'm trying to set up the testdrive tutorial for flex mobile project, with flash builder 4.5

      and php data.

      I've uploaded the files on my remote web space (e.g. http://mywebsite.org, and the

      test file is http://mywebsite.org/TestDrive/test/test.php... and it works

      correctly)... But when i'm setting properties of the project, i don't know what

      to write into the web root and root path fields... I thing root path is simply

      http://mywebsite.org... and whatever i write in the other fields (output folder

      too) i have errors when i click on "validate configuration"...


      What should i put into those fields? is zend framework (and gateway.php)

      strictly necessary?


      As you can see... i'm a bit confused....


      Many thanks for any help