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    IE9 will not work properly when using FDF - IE9 needs to be in compatability mode


      We are experiencing a problem with IE9. 


      When ever a PDF is created using an FDF the binary content of the response is displayed.  This was fixed by turning on Compatability mode in IE9.


      I really don't want to do this and was wondering if there was another solution.


      One I thought of, is to add a doctype to the fdf that tells IE9 to run in compatability mode for that request and that request only.


      However I see no way of doing this - I am by no means and adobe expert - so it is plausible that I am missing how to do this.


      Any other ideas would certainly be welcomed.


      I do not want to have to configure our site in IE9 to run in compatability mode, that will be a support nightmare.