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    Load XML data to Flash with AS2


      Hello to everybody!


      Like many other members I'm new in flash and actionscript , so I need some help from the pros.


      I have a XML file like this:





        <Event TextOne="TextShow1" TextTwo="TextShow2"/> 

        <Event TextOne="TextShow3" TextTwo="TextShow4"/> 

        <Event TextOne="TextShow5" TextTwo="TextShow6"/>





      All I want is to load the XML data in Flash in two dynamic text fields (TextOne_mc and TextTwo_mc) and make the TextOne_mc to show me first the "TextShow1" then the "TextShow3" etc and the TextTwo_mc to show me first "TextShow2" then "TextShow4" etc,but when I'm done with it,TextOne_mc shows me "TextShow5" and TextTwo_mc shows me "TextShow6" only,so I understand that I'm not done with it correctly and something missing. .


      I hope you understood.Sorry if you don't understand my explanation.


      Thank you!!