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    authorizing an ereader using adobe id?


      I have a Literati (as well as a Nook) the problem is with the Literati, I downloaded several books, loaded them onto the Literari......... When I try to access them on that reader, it tells me to


      "Please user you Adobe ID to authorize your ereader to view content protected with Adobe mobile reader technology." ( direct quote, even the "user" part)


      What is this and how do I do this? I have had this reader for 7 months and haven't had this 'issue' before ( also, out of the 10 ebooks I downloaded, 2 were 'fine' and 'readable') Thank you for any suggestions..................T

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Where did you download the books from?  If they were from B&N, then the Literati probably does not support the flavor of DRM that B&N uses (which requires the latest version of the Adobe SDK in order to read).

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            tracerracer66 Level 1

            It was Kobo................. (which Nook will read fine ) any suggestions?

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              You'll need to make sure the Literati is Authorized to the same AdobeID as Digital Editions and your Nook.


              Plugin in your Literati, make sure it shows up in ADE and then hit Ctrl-Shift-E which should bring up the Device Deauthorization dialog.  Deauthorize your literati, then unplug, quit ADE, plug in your literati and then start ADE.  After all that it should ask you to authorize your literati.

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Jim, I'd like some clarification.  Over the past few months, we've discussed

                ID's and passwords and their relationship between an ereader and ADE.

                Below, you speak of the 'same Adobe ID', but don't mention password at all.

                Is this an omission, or is it that the password doesn't matter, as long as

                the ereader is authorized to the same Adobe ID as ADE?



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                  tracerracer66 Level 1

                  My frustration is......... It was authorized at the 'same time' with ADE. ( I got the reader, THEN loaded ADE) but I have now followed your directions and still get the same message ........................ I'm thinkin' I'll just delete the books and 're'download and see if that helps................Thanks for the suggestion

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                    Jim_Lester Level 4

                    Frustated .... since you asked here's some of the gory details, and a little bit off topic


                    First (definition of terms):

                         In the license in the file there is an Adobe DRM ID.  If you're curious unzip a licensed epub and look in META-INF/rights.xml and look the bit that'll look like "<user>urn:uuid:ffc8345c-541a-4bf5-8e7b-322770b795b0</user>".  That  urn:uuid:and numbers bit is the Adobe DRM ID that the file is licensed too.


                         On your computer there is an Adobe DRM ID in your activation Record   If you're curious:

                    • On the mac it's easy - look at ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Digital\ Editions/activation.dat  - there'll be a credentials and an activation section which will have a <user> element.
                    • On Windows it's a bit harder it's in the registry under  \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adept and eventually drilling down will find it (they'll be numbered, you will eventually find a user id that'll begin with urn:uuid:...)


                         In order to read the content these two IDs must match exactly.  The errors that go something like "This content is licensed to a different user" mean that these two IDs are not matching.


                    Next (to answer your question):

                         When you authorize your computer with an AdobeID, you are sending your AdobeID and password to the Adobe DRM activation server (adeactivate.adobe.com).  The activation server in turn sends it to the AdobeID server, and gets back either a failure (wrong password), or an internal account number.  The activation server the finds the Adobe DRM ID that matches that internal account number (or creates a brand new one), and returns the activation information above.


                         If you go to your adobe.com account page and change your AdobeID (ie from frustrated@example.com to reallyFrustrated@example.com), or your password, you are not changing the internal AdobeID account number, and definitely not changing the Adobe DRM ID.


                         So when I say same Adobe ID, I really mean same Adobe DRM ID, however it is easy to explain (especially to people that just want to read their ^$*&%^# book, and can't ) as AdobeID.


                         Also when Digital Editions authorizes a device - it already knows your Adobe DRM ID, and has enough information on the computer (in the activation record) to authenticate you to the Adobe Activation server, that it just goes ahead and does it, and doesn't ask you for you AdobeID or password.


                         However even for the devices (such as smart phones/tablets) that talk directly to adobe activation server to get authorized, I don't generally mention password, because the important thing is to use the right AdobeID, so that you get the right Adobe DRM ID.  If you use the wrong password, you will get an authorization failure and be asked to enter in you AdobeID and password again - most people don't get held up by this - unless they have forgotten their password.


                    Finally (to get more back on point with this thread)

                    Unfortunately even if a user does everything right, there are bugs, and they generally exists in the low end devices.  In this case it looks like the Literati is authorized, but doesn't think it is authorized.  Going through an authorize/deauthorize cycle usually takes care of that (by fixing the files that got corrupted).  I haven't ever had a Literati to play with - but from the forums it sounds like one of the bad devices (although not quite as bad as the Cool-er), tracer may want to contact the manufacturer (Kobo, I think) for help to see if they have any suggestions.

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      Thanks for the clarification, Jim.  You're eloquent and informative at the

                      same time.  If there were someplace to post this information in a slightly

                      revised format where we could refer people to it, it would be really



                      I have two Literatis.  One acted up, and a simple

                      poke-a-paper-clip-into-the-hole-in-the-back-cover (reset) took care of

                      that.  The other one acted up - and I found that it did not have the latest

                      version of its OS software installed.  So, for a start, I would ask whether

                      'tracerracer66' has been on the KOBO website and updated his Literati

                      lately.  Next, if that's the case, then try the reset.  Other than those two

                      ideas, I'm plumb out.


                      BTW, Jim: I understand that, until KOBO upgraded the Literati to the latest

                      level, they were pretty 'buggy' with their own website, not to mention ADE.

                      From my experience (now that both Literati are 'fixed'), it works smoothly

                      with ADE, Gutenberg and several other sites we visit for ebooks.



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                        tracerracer66 Level 1

                        Thank you Jim, your post explain a lot of what I wasn't understanding ( my Sis is the 'techno geek' in the family )


                        Frustrated, Thank you also...........I will have to try the reset as I've done the other 'stuff' and got no where ( I do have the upgeades, checked when this first came up)