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    Flex 4.5 Mobile - How to create InApp updates

    Neil Kightley

      Hi all


      I am looking into creating a new mobile app that has multiple sections (14 in total).

      I want to release the app with 1 free section & then have the other 13 available as updates (at an additional cost).

      What's the best way of going about this?


      I don't mind releasing the app with all the content in & each section having an unlock code but how does this work?


      I'm thinking I will have to create 14 versions of the app (each with a different free section unlocked) + 14 additional section update apps.


      Can I get these updates to tell my main app that they have been purchased & pass a unlock code (rather than an app being installed on the users' device)?

      If not, can I create a self-destroying app to update an encrypted file that the main app can read?


      Hope someone can help...