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    How to use a character style to specify relative font sizes (superior effect)?


      Our customers prefer the Quark Xpress "Superior" style on prices where the cents are 65% height of the dollar digit and base line shifted so that the tops align.  The cent and dollar signs however, are the normal superscript height, slightly above the numbers.  We cannot simply adjust our superscript height with a preference because it alters both the currency signs and the numbers.


      We would like to create a character style that adjusts the cent size relative to the dollar font size, and base line shift it too.  Is there a way to style a price so that as you increase or decrease the overall font size, it maintains this formatting?  In other words, I would like to select a price regardless of font size, and apply the "superior" effect to the cents without scripts.  I could entertain using a script only if it's triggered by the user applying a character style.


      We're currently using InDesign 4 with InDesign 5 on the shelf (we usually switch when it's actually necessary for our needs.)


      I've heard you could apply InDesign tags that specify relative font height, etc. but I haven't yet found a way to say 65% of the previous digit for example.  It would be great if InDesign honored Regular Expressions for applying styles.