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    Advantage of Captivate over Presenter

      I have been using Camtasia for quite some time and am generally happy with the results. However, I know have an opportunity to evaluate and purchase a similar but (it is hoped) more robust and flexible application. I will need the application to do (in no speciic order) the following:
      1) capture PPT (with slide animation); 2) accomodate two separate voice tracks...or at least add a background track with minimal trouble; 3) accomodate video segments; 4) provide a good selection of call outs; 5) provide for some kind of zoom and pan capability; 6) permit me to edit and/or record visual information while a voice track is playing (without efecting the voice track); 7) if possible...allow the viewer to mouse over segments of the screen and receive either visual or audio information; 8) provide a "pack and play" utility or some fairly simple way of making productions available to a wide number of viewer; 9) accomodate branding; 10) not require of the purchase of additional (costly) application to enhance existing features; 11) provide intutive clues for editing timelines, inserting graphics, moving elements on the screen around, etc.; 12) allow for the creation/insertionof customized callouts; 13) permit interesting visual transitions between topical segments of a presentation; 14) facilitate the use a segment from one presenation for use in another; and 15) provide decent online help/instructional tutorials for the developer.
      I do not foresee the need to create tutorials, however, I would like to be able to track the number of individuals that view my presentations (which will likely be loaded to a web site), as well as provide the option for feedback from viewers regarding the usefulness of the presentation.
      WITH ALL THAT IN MIND...should I be leaning toward Captivate? Does Presenter already provide these features, and then some?
      Any assistance seasoned users could provide in helping me make a choice, or better understanding what Captivate can do that Presenter cannot, would be gratefully received!

      With thanks,