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    Having select pages not be a part of page numbering


      How can I have select pages in an auto numbered indesign document not be numbered in Indesign CS5.5?


      For example, I have a workbook for a class that has worksheets that run inline with the text pages. Once they complete the chapter they are supposed to remove the worksheets and put them in a tab at the end of the workbook. The worksheets will be numbered in roman numerals and text pages with standard numbers.


      What I want the document to do is number like this:  5, 6, 7, 8, I, II, III, IV, 9, 10, 11.


      This is so that once the worksheets are removed the text pages will be numbered correctly. Is it possible to do this?


      I have about 30 worksheets spread out through a 300 page workbook.

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          HeyMikey Level 3

          Yes, in the pages panel, select the page where you want to change the section numbering. In the "Layout" menu, choose "Numbering and Section Options" and click on "Start page numbering at..." and click insert the number you want to start. In the same window, you can choose the numbering style in the pull-down menu. Click "OK". You'll notice a little triangle in the pages panel over this new section start, and all pages after this will have your new style and page numbering. Now select the page you want to resume numbering, and go to "Numbering and Section Options" again, and repeat the above instructions, using the page number you want to resume on. Now each page after that will 'continue' the numbering where it left off. Works like a charm for me!


          Numbering 1.pngNumbering 2.png