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    Better playback of AVCHD in CS 5.5?




      Are still running CS 5.03 on my two year old i7-920, and are stille experiencing some stutter and issues during playback while editting AVCHD - especially crossdissolves etc. between to different clips from same AVCHD file (a known bug/iussue in CS 5.0).

      I have been wondering if it had anything to do with my system - and that might also be the cvase, but I have read about folks here in the forum having same issues a while back running PPro CS 5 on much better PCs than my own.


      I have also lately read about a few that had some issues with playing back AVCHD, but after upgrading to 5.5 it seems to have dissapeared? So I wonder if these issues are solved in CS 5.5? Anyone who have had better experiences with AVCHD editting - both playback and overall - with PPro CS 5.5 compared to CS 5.0?