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    Invoke CFC with Button

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      I have a form I built wherein I am binding several fields to one cfinput and hitting a cfc I built that pulls data from a web service. I am struggling in figuring out how to get the fields to fill in with the binding value once I click a button. Here's the scenario...the end user fills in the field, clicks a button and several other fields get filled in from the cfc that hits the web service. I have tried the following to no avail...


      <cfform id="myForm" format="html">

      <cfinput type="text" name="reporttype" id="reporttype" value="BASIC">

      <cfinput type="text" name="vin" id="vin" value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"><br />

      <cfinput type="text" name="modelYear" value="" size="30"  bind="cfc:cfc.vinlookup.getYearvin(argVIN={vin},argReporttype={reporttype})" /><br />

      <cfinput type="button" value="getvin" name="getvin" id="getvin">



      I have even tried playing with the cfajaxproxy tag and the @click event. I feel like I am close. If someone could educate me/point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.





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          When I add the @click in the above bind attribute, it works when I click in the appropriate fields, but I cannot seem to figure out how to run the bind when clicking the button.

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            ok...I figured it out and thought I would post my solution in case someone else runs into this issue...


            (my solution is based of of this link)


            cfajaxproxy tag to tie cfc to page via JSON


            <cfajaxproxy cfc="proxy" jsclassname="proxy" />


            Script that runs the method within the cfc and uses the setCallbackHandler function to return the result. The we can set the result equal to the value utilizing the DOM.



                      function getYearvin(source) {

                                var instance = new proxy();






                      function getYearvinSuccess(result) {

                                document.getElementById('year').value = result;




            Here is the form...


            <input type="text" name="source" id="source" value="" />

            <button name="vinDecode" onClick="getYearvin(getElementById('source').value)">Get Year</button>


            <input type="text" name="year" id="year" value="" />


            FYI...I wrote a quick blog post concerning this...http://webolutiondesigns.com/blog/ajaxcfcs-json-and-other-geeky-stuff/