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    Tacky Template


      When preparing to burn a multi-movie DVD from Premiere Elements 9, I was surprised to learn that only one menu template was available for those of us who refused to cough up an additional $50 for the “Plus” version. This wouldn’t be so bad if the template were either a simple, straightforward, generic design, or at least something that could be redesigned in such a way as to remove the tacky background. (Actually all the templates are tacky, ranging from something a kindergartner might come up with to something more appropriate for a Hallmark greecard.) However, in this case, the tacky background can be only partially altered, and what’s more, there seems to be no possibility of including more than a single “hotspot” on the main menu.


      From what I’d read, there are supposed to be several menu templates available and in most cases these are supposed to be fully editable. So what gives? Do I really need to shell out an extra 50 bucks to get access to a template that looks like an adult designed it? Or is there some problem with the version of PE9 I recently downloaded?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There are many, many more templates available, but one must install the Functional (additional) Content, either from a download file (separate from the program), or from the media (separate disc for recent versions). There is no need to do the Plus subscription. Matter of fact, many are dissatisfied about the limited amount of additional material WITH that Plus subscription. You just need one more installation.


          Did you install from a download, or from media?


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          PS - IIRC, Steve Grisetti counted the DVD Templates in PrE 9, and 90 is the figure that comes to mind.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This FAQ Entry covers installation of the additional Functional Content from download.


            Along with many additional DVD Templates, there are also Titles, Themes, etc., so a lot of useful material.


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              Aniks Level 2

              You can install the additional contents from the seperate content disc (if you have that) or you can also download and install the contents from adobe site " http://www.adobe.com/special/premiereel/downloads/"


              Plus subscription gives you few more templates and provides you the benefit of having backup of your files/videos.


              Hope this answers your query.

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                victorgrauer Level 1

                Thanks so much for the good advice. I'm pleased to say that Adobe recently sent me the discs at no extra charge for the latest update of Premiere Elements (10), and as you say the content disc did contain additional templates. All horrible I might add.


                I appreciate their thoughtful support policies. However, I must add that Premiere is one of those computer programs that requires the user to fight tooth and nail with the software (with little or no help from the documentation) in order to deal with even the simplest and most straightforward issues. These templates are a great example. The first one I chose had undocumented built in animated features that I didn't want, and there was no obvious way of changing that. So all my efforts in figuring out (again, with NO help from the docs) how to get rid of the ugly background and create a plain vanilla title were wasted. What I needed was one single generic template that's completely blank and completely static that the user can then build from, but I saw no sign that such a template exists. The assumption that everyone using this product is going to be a Dad or Mom compiling some home movies of their Xmas or Thanksgiving holiday is ludicrous. I'm not interested in a kiddy greeting card, I want something that looks like it was created by an adult.


                There are similar obstacles associated with just about every other aspect of this program that are uneccesary time wasters. That said, Premiere Elements is a powerful program that does in fact reward all the work one puts into it and it's definitely something I can use.


                By the way, I gave up on trying to create a decent DVD menu in Premiere. An internet search turned up all sorts of garbage that was even worse -- but I finally found a wonderful program from Sony, DVD Architect Studio, which does everything I needed and more, does NOT fight me tooth and nail, is clearly documented and as far as I am concerned is a model that every softward designer should study.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  For resources for learning PrE, I recommend most of those listed in this ARTICLE. It is not a complete list, as there are other books, that I have not seen, which might also be useful.


                  Good luck,