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    Advanced Search, Search Next (F3) not Working


      I have used Acrobat and a number of systems. The current one I have, Windows 7 with Acrobat 9.4, is behaving differently than is has in the past. I often use the Advanced Search (CTRL+Shift+F) to searc for a word or term. When there are multiple occurances these appear in the Search window adjecent to the document. In the past I used to be able to just use the arrow keys in the search box, as i changed to a different occurance the document would also switch to that occurance.


      With the current configuration the occurance will highlight but the documnet does not. I must click on that occurance to make the document change to that occurance. When I hit F3 the next occurance in the search box will highlight but the document remains on the previous search occurance.


      Is this a change with Windows 7 or with Acrobat 9? I believe my previous setup was Windows XP with Acrobat 8 and it functioned as I would expect, use the keyboard to change the search occurance the the document would, likewise, switch to that occurance.


      I have been through the entipre Preferences section of the Acrobat setting and see nothing related to this functionality.


      Any idea why this is working differently than it used to?