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    Magic Bullet Frames Workflow

    Cadillacula Level 1

      Does anyone have any experience, or a general feel, for the best workflow when using Magic Bullet Frames 1.1 from within PP5.5 with 24p conversion being the ultimate intended goal?


      Using DV source material.


      I have done a deartifact, a color treatment and a 24p-deinterlace (stacked in that order in the effects tree) in one pass/render.


      But - I have also heard you should break up these steps and do them individually - so do a non-24p deinterlace as one render, dearticfact as another, and then color treat as a render, and then 24p convert on a fourth pass.


      Also deartifact first or deinterlace? Can you do both at the same time on a render? pros cons?


      Curious about the entire process really.


      As an aside - if it is good practice to deinterlace footage straight away before doing anything else to it - when you later do a 24p conversion with MB, typically the final step in the process, arent you deinterlacing it a second time as MB 1.1 combines 24 and deinterlace as one action now. (though as i mentioned you can do just a deinterlace sans the 24p conversion).