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    Formatting a SummaryField2 as a percentage


      My data is coming in via XML where SLA is either a 1=Meets SLA or a 0=Failed SLA, I then runn the field in a summay row where I average on the grouping field.  I have a SummaryField2 that I need to format the grouping field showing as a percentage.  any assistance would be appreciated.  I need to format the results in this manor "87.45%" below is the Grouping Field code below:


      <mx:GroupingField name="Customer" >


          <mx:SummaryRow summaryPlacement="group">


              <mx:SummaryField2 dataField="SLA" summaryOperation="AVG" />






      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="adgSLA" dataField="SLA" headerText="SLA" textAlign="right" visible="false" />





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          kraikit Level 2

          Have you tried implementing your own ISummaryCalculator object and providing that for the SummaryField2.summaryOperation property?


          -- Tom

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            HaroldCHeardJr Level 1

            To solve this issue I added the "labelFunction" property to the AdvancedDataGridColumn columns like this:






            private function genericLabelFunction(obj_data:Object, obj_AdvanceddataGridColumn:AdvancedDataGridColumn):String


                      var functionsNS:Namespace;

                      var q:QName = new QName(functionsNS, obj_AdvanceddataGridColumn.dataField);

                      var str_data:String = obj_data[q.localName.valueOf()];


                      if (obj_AdvanceddataGridColumn.dataField == "SLA")

                                if (!isNaN(Number(str_data)))


                                          var tempNumber:Number = new Number(str_data);

                                          tempNumber = tempNumber * 100;

                                          str_data = tempNumber.toFixed(2) + "%";


                      return str_data;



            I hope this helps others.