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    Sound quirks and incorrect soundChannel.position. Flash player bug???




      I hope I did something wrong and didn't find a critical bug in Flash Player.

      I'm creating sound dynamically using SampleDataEvent. When playing the audio data I'm checking the soundChannel.position in order to animate the visual progress bar in my player. The accurate position on the playing sound is VERY importent in this kind of player.


      Well, the problem begins when another application is suddenly pops the CPU to >90% for a moment and the Flash audio quirks a bit.

      After this small stuck, the soundChannel position is no longer correct!!!

      I't looks like these quirks were taken into account when Flash Player calculated the sound position.


      For instance - imagine I play 2 metronome clicks in a second. and the sound quirks for a half of a second. after this quirk - the position I get is always 0.5 second before the RIGHT position I hear.


      What do I do wrong???