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    GREP question, hard return&tab after lines ending in (, space)


      I have a problem that I have been banging my head against the wall for hours trying to figure. I have pages and pages of remote codes I need to format in a specific way. This specific way causes a problem that creates the right side of my columns to look haggard with spots of comma spaces, example:



      Abex                 5011, 5286

      Accurian            5140, 5452

      Accuscan          5005, 5014

      Admiral              5003, 5004,
             5005, 5014, 5015, 5018,

             5025, 5035, 5040, 5041,

             5055, 5165, 5308, 5455



      I hope that comes out looking like I mean it

      Picture 1.png


      There is a picture if it helps. Anyhow. I need it to look like this:

      Picture 2.png


      I hope this helps. The thing is I have figured this out before and I forgot to save the style. I thought I did. I didn't. Sucks. But I did make it so that on lines ending with a comma and space it would hard return and tab.



      Please please help. This has my mind numb trying to figure it out and I have pages and pages of these codes to work through.