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    Spot Color Printing


      I am beginning to transition from Pagemaker 7.0 to InDesign5.5.  (on a new Win7 PC)  The church where I work uses a RISOGRAOH for high volume spot color printing--one color per paper pass.  In Pagemaker, I would send each color to the machine, one at a time.   The print menus for InDD5.5  only seem to allow separations when selecting PDF output.    When I try creating a PDF, with separations turned on, the program locks up and has to be ended by Task manager.    I have read lots of help pages on the Adobe site, but am not finding answers to clarify and confirm I have my documents setup properly to print each color separately.   Anyone able to clarify?.  

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          dave c courtemanche Level 3

          I'm not on 5.5, but ID 5 has printing options for printing separations. It may be the driver you're using, but if you go to Print/Output one of the pull down options is Separations. Seperate to your hearts delight!

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            The option for printing separations will only be selectable if you are sending to a Postscript printer or RIP.


            it appears you are "printing" to a PDF rather than exporting (File menu - Export - Adobe PDF)

            Try exporting a PDF - just a regular composite, don't worry about the separations.


            If you have Acrobat Pro, Go to Print, select the Advanced tab or button, and in the Output area change from Composite to Separations.

            Not sure if these options are available in regular Acrobat Reader or not. But I believe that this will allow you to print the Separations even if you don't have a Postscript printer .


            Since I only have or print to Postscript printers or RIP I can't attempt to duplicate the problem.




            Another off the wall thing to try is to place all the same spot color elements on a separate layer and the black text, etc on another layer. Double clicking the layer in the layer panel will bring up the layer options and you can select or deselect the option to allow the layer to print.

            However, the big issue is that the spot color, black or any other spot color CANNOT overlap.

            So this is a BIG limitation of this method.